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Meet Dott, preserve life's moments and memories. Posting as easy as social media, with the privacy you want.

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How Dott Works:

We believe that life’s moments are not meant to be forgotten. Sure, we’ve all been there: we experience something amazing, take a photo of it and think we’ll get to organizing it later…but never do. Dott exists to keep memories alive. Using AI-powered technology, we transform memories, in any media, into your engaging stories– privately and smartly storing them now and years into the future.

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Effortlessly keep memories alive


Make your memory

Simply add photos, videos, text or voice memories right in the app. Dott will annotate your memory or do it yourself similar to how you might on social media. Add text and/or audio voiceover. Store or share via a link.

AI Story

Play your memory

Partner with our AI function to create a AI Story. Simply type a description of your desired flick and hit play – AI will do the rest. You can still edit the music and order of Dotts, just as you like. Have fun with it! You’ll be able to rewatch, store and share now and years to come.


Keep your memories

Create an unforgettable keepsake for generations to come. Inside your Capsule, you’ll be able to to curate your Dotts as a keepsake. It’s also easy to add contributors and create settings that will release your Capsule to friends and family at any point in time. Keep your memories alive and enable loved ones to see the world from your perspective.

use cases

Business journey

Inspire others, and serve as a historical record of the company’s evolution.


Unlocking personal growth through digital self-reflection and intention setting.

Child's capsule

Preserving and cherishing special moments and milestones.

Personal Diary

Capturing life’s moments, emotions, and reflections in a private and secure digital diary, for personal growth and self-expression.

Pet's capsule

Capture and revisit fun memories and hilarious moments.

About us

Our inspiration

Our story begins with Dorothy – or Dott, as she was fondly known in her younger years. The grandmother of founder Kristi Zuhlke, Dorothy has spent many hours pouring over beloved scrapbooks with her children and grandchildren. Now 100, she still delights in connecting the dots between memories over the decades and sharing her perspective on events big and small. These special moments with her grandmother left Kristi wondering: what if Dott’s photographs had her voiceover? What wisdom would they leave? What sounds would they make? And what will I have when I am100? What if all forms of media– photographs, video and voice notes– could be easily and privately curated into personal, engaging stories?  And what if those stories could be stored and shared now or at any point in the future, so that friends and family could experience the world through the curator’s eyes, at any moment in time? Meet Dott. Inspired by real people – powered by the possibilities of AI. Connect the dots of your story and make memories unforgettable.


Frequently asked questions

Where are all my memories stored? How do I know they are safe and private?
Your memories are stored securely in our state-of-the-art cloud servers. We understand the importance of privacy and security for your cherished memories. Therefore, we employ advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure your data is protected. Only you have access to your memories, and we do not share your data with any third parties. Regular security audits and compliance with industry-standard privacy regulations further safeguard your memories.
What if I want to cancel my Dott account? Will I lose all my memories?
We respect your decision if you choose to cancel your Dott account. Upon cancellation, you will have the option to download all your memories to your personal storage device. We provide a grace period to ensure you have enough time to securely transfer all your data. After this period, your memories will be permanently deleted from our servers, in line with our privacy policy and commitment to data security.
When I create a Capsule for someone, what is a Gift Date and what does it look like when someone receives their Capsule?
A Capsule is a unique feature of Dott, allowing you to compile memories and messages to be sent to someone on a specific future date, known as the gift date. When creating a Capsule, you choose this date, which can be a birthday, anniversary, or any significant occasion. Upon the gift date, the recipient receives a beautifully designed notification inviting them to view their Capsule. The experience is akin to opening a digital time capsule, filled with memories and messages curated just for them. The recipient then downloads the Dott app and a copy of their Capsule is stored in their app for up to a year free of charge. They will not be charged to have their Capsule after a year until it exceeds the free storage tier and then at which point they will need to upgrade their service. If they do not wish to upgrade their service, they can download all memories onto their local device.
How do I delete my account and data?
Please send an email from the account you registered with to requesting deletion of your account and data. Please note that it may take up to 30 days to complete this request.
What is the price for Dott?
Dott offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs. We have a basic free plan that allows you to store and manage a limited number of memories. For users looking for more storage and advanced features, we offer a subscription-based model. We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs, ensuring you can select the best plan for your needs.


Store up to 1 GB of memories
Billed monthly.
1 GB is around 200 photos, 11 videos, or 90 minutes of audio


Store up to 5 GB of memories
Billed monthly.
5 GB is around 1,000 photos, 55 videos, or over 7 hours of audio


Store up to 50 GB of memories
Billed monthly.
50 GB is around 10,000 photos, 550 videos, or over 70 hours of audio


Store up to 1 GB of memories
Billed annually.
1 GB is around 200 photos, 11 videos, or 90 minutes of audio


Store up to 5 GB of memories
Billed annually.
5 GB is around 1,000 photos, 55 videos, or over 7 hours of audio


Store up to 50 GB of memories
Billed annually.
50 GB is around 10,000 photos, 550 videos, or over 70 hours of audio
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What our users say

Person with black shirt.
Nathan Anderson
Chicago, 35 years
Powerfull storytelling machine!

I recently downloaded a mobile app that allowed me to create a digital time capsule for my children, and I am absolutely thrilled with the experience. As a parent, I want to preserve special memories and milestones that my children can look back on when they're older, and this app has allowed me to do just that.

Person wearing a suit.
Andrew Hart
London, 41 years

The interface was user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I was able to upload photos, videos, and even voice recordings to the capsule. It was like creating a scrapbook or a memory box, but in a digital format that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Person looking to the side.
Joshua Williams
San-Francisco, 25 years
Awesome Service.

What I loved most about this app was the sense of excitement and anticipation it created. As I added more items to the time capsule, I couldn't wait for my children to see it and experience the nostalgia and joy that comes with reliving special moments from their childhood. Overall, I highly recommend this app to any parent who wants to create a special keepsake for their children. It's an incredibly thoughtful and meaningful way to document memories and create a lasting legacy for your family.

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